Organisation: Century Mail

PCI DSS Compliance Status: Expired

Expiry Date: 02.11.2016

PCI DSS Version: 3.1

Century Mail Ltd : Level 1 Compliant Merchant

During October 2015 Ultima Risk Management Ltd (URM) conducted an onsite audit of Century Mail Ltd and have found sufficient evidence and controls to find it compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.1 as a Level 1 Merchant (the highest level of validation).

This included:

  • Validating the scope of the cardholder data environment by understanding the card data flows and reviewing the implementation of technical segmentation controls (e.g. firewalls)
  • This covers the storage and access to customer call recordings and the critical system components that facilitate this
  • This covers payment channels for both internet and MOTO transactions

More information regarding URM's PCI DSS QSA Auditing Services
Disclaimer: Ultima Risk Management Ltd has undertaken an audit of Century Mail to obtain evidence of PCI DSS compliance. Based on evidence reviewed by URM's QSAs, Century Mail has been found to be compliant with PCI DSS v3.1. This activity is a 'snapshot in time' and requires that Century Mail maintain the controls that were reviewed during the audit. Please contact Century Mail if you have questions about their products, services or customer support.